Angled SKY Locator – a new horizon for minimally invasive implant restoration

angled Sky locator Angled SKY Locator

Older patients with severely atrophied jaws often have to manage without fixing their prosthesis with implants – out of fear of costly surgical procedures. Thanks to the new Angled SKY Locator, these procedures can be avoided. By using the Angled SKY Locator, it becomes possible to fit the implants at an angle and to use the remaining bone available in an optimal manner. The Angled SKY Locator corrects the angulation and ensures that the prosthesis sits firmly and can easily be removed by the patient for cleaning and then reinserted again.

In many cases, implants can only be fitted in an atrophied maxilla if they are angled or sharply angled, if the insertion of a considerable amount of bone substitute is to be avoided. Until now, these implants could only be restored with costly mesostructures, whereby high costs were incurred in the manufacture of the prosthetic restoration. Thanks to the new Angled SKY Locator abutment system, it is now possible to quickly and easily correct the direction of insertion in the case of angled implants, and to use a simple, cost-effective prosthesis. The angled fitting of implants has now proven itself in practice for over six years for fixed restoration with the SKY fast & fixed system, and therefore represents a viable alternative to elevation of the sinus floor.

With the Angled SKY Locator, simple implant-borne, removable restorations, which are supported posteriorly in the best possible manner, can be carried out easily even with a low bone height. Furthermore, implants inserted in the tuber area can also be restored using the Angled SKY Locator. The patient therefore experiences a significantly better, more secure feeling with the removable prosthesis – frequent relinings can be avoided in the long term.

The Angled SKY Locator is a two-part abutment system, consisting of the original Locator cap and the SKY base. The base secures the angulation and is available as a 17.5° and 35° abutment. The same Locator® cap is used for both bases and the existing retention inserts of 0° – 10° can be used, as well as those of 10° – 20°.

By combining the Angled SKY Locator with the Standard Locator® and the miniSKY Locator®, the treatment options for minimally invasive implant restoration for older patients are improved and the fears and individual financial options of many patients are taken into account.

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