Biomet 3i

Biomet 3i

biomet_Implants  Whether your preference is cement-retained, screw-retained or overdenture abutments, BIOMET 3i  offers a wide range of options.

Cement Retained Restorations
Provide® Abutments 
With the increasing demands for dental implant therapy, the Provide®Abutment offers both surgical andrestorative clinicians more options and greater flexibility to meet these demands and better serve patients.It allows them to partner together for a simpler restorative and surgical experience.

ZiReal® Post 
Like a diamond, the ZiReal® Post is strong, durable and exemplifies the ultimate definition of beautiful.

GingiHue® Posts 
GingiHue’s Gold-Colored Titanium Nitride Coating Blends Naturally With Soft Tissue On Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Restorations. 

UCLA Abutments
The UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment. It is offered with a machined gold alloy base or in a fullycastable version. It may be used for single or multi-unit screw or cement-retained restorations. It maycorrect angles up to 30 degrees when cast as a custom abutment.

Screw Retained Restorations
BIOMET  3i   offers multiple abutments for screw-retained restorations to suit your patients’ needs. Included in the offerings are Standard, Conical and IOL® Abutments

OverdentSURE Restorations
BellaTek® Bars 
BellaTek Bars (formerly known as CAM StructSURE® Precision Milled Bars) surpass conventional casting techniques by providing CAD/CAM precision along with milling techniques that offer overdenture bars, implant bridges and hybrid restorations in one solid piece. The result is a strong, precise, beautiful restoration.

BIOMET  3i  previously offered options for immediate full arch rehabilitation in the mandible with the original DIEM® Guidelines. This has now been expanded with NEW DIEM®   to offer rehabilitation for both arches utilizing innovative products to deliver fixed provisional prostheses on four or more implants in as little as one day.*

LOCATOR® Abutments
The LOCATOR® Abutment is ideal for overdenture restorations. Clinical use has shown that the self-locating design enables patients to align and seat their overdentures with ease.