cadcamrenishaw CAD/CAM is revolutionising restorative dentistry, bringing a new level of precision and consistency to the production of crowns and bridges. Combined with modern materials that offer enhanced biocompatibility and aesthetics, these techniques promote better patient health, giving them the confidence to smile. CAD/CAM allows you to avoid inconsistent and labour-intensive investment casting and waxing-up processes, reducing overheads and eliminating re-makes. Instead, you can focus your efforts on more creative activities that add the most value to your business.

All of the materials we use are milled in-house on our Ceramill Motion™ milling machines, which offer us a variety of materials to aid us produce any type of restoration.  

What makes our CAD/CAM systems different

  • Precision at every stage – We have researched the factors that affect accuracy at all stages of the CAD/CAM process, ensuring exceptional marginal fits, promoting gingival recovery and preventing secondary caries.
  • Proven accuracy – The dental scanners that we use scan to 6 μm with certified accuracy to meet the international metrology standards (ISO 10360-4).
  • No manual adjustments – Our machined frameworks require no trimming around the margin; you can add porcelain straight away.
  • Proven materials – All our copings and frameworks are made from medically approved materials, offering exceptional strength with full traceability.
  • 10-year guarantee* – we’re so confident about the durability of our crown and bridge frameworks that we warrant them against failure.
  • Compliance with medical standards – our central manufacturing processes are approved to ISO13485.

* against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of supply