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Precision in Everything

A recent article published in The Laboratory Magazine discusses the importance of enhanced precision in Renishaw CAD/CAM systems.

We are a primary partner of Renishaw and use their contact scanner, white light laser scanner and Zirconia milling machine, so we can offer you a total in house service from start to finish.

Whether they are helping to make accurate Formula One engines, aircraft blades or dental CAD/CAM systems, enhanced precision is at the heart of everything Renishaw does – with the ...

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White Light 3D Scanning

Our new Medit 3D scanner uses white light scanning technology

White Light scanning systems projects light patterns on an object and two cameras simultaneously capture images. Then advanced software algorithms triangulate and calculate 3d-coordinates of millions of points on the surface of the part thereby recreating the surface.

Medit discusses the advantages of white light scanning here

At Dencraft we are not limited to just using the Medit scanner, we will assess each case individually and choose the most appropriate ...

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