CAD/CAM technology allows the delivery of a well-fitting, aesthetic, and durable prosthesis for the patient and forms a huge part of our laboratory workflow.

Dencraft has full CAD-CAM capability with up to date Design software, and can accept Intra-Oral scans from any source, including Trios, Carestream, Itero, Planmeca, Medit, Dental Wings, GC, and Cerec, amongst others.

Once a design is created, our in house mills, or partners, Createk, Argen, iProdens, Hoil, Atlantis, Bristol Cad-Cam, Renishaw, Amaan Girbach take over in production of the required design.

Our Digital workflows allow us to cover all aspects of restorative dentistry, implant abutments, (In-house Straumann, i-Prodens, Hoil, Atlantis) milled bars in Titanium, Chrome, Zirconia (Atlantis, Hoil, i-Prodens) and the new High Performance Polymers (Brednt Hipc, Solvay Peek, Cendres Metaux Pekkton) all backed up with reliable case planning for complex combination cases.

We accept conventional or digital impressions.

Model free crowns are available for all digital impression systems.

Once your scan is uploaded, we will have your case in minutes and will provide beautiful, model free crowns both faster and at a lower price than our full workflow cost.

Coupled with an array of software, milling options and our strategic partners, we are able to provide consistently high quality products with marginal accuracy, occlusion and contacts.

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