Welcome to Dencraft

Dencraft is a multi award winning specialist Crown, Bridge and Implant laboratory based in Sheffield and Leicester. We were established in 1994, and have built a very successful business based on referrals from many satisfied clients, and a strong reputation for quality. Our Leicester lab is based above the Carisbrooke Dental Practice who we work closely with to provide all their laboratory needs.

Because we listen to our clients, we know that they require:-

– A wide range of high quality procedures to meet the varying needs of patients.
– A reliable collection and delivery service.
– Outstanding customer care. 

We are members of the British Bite Mark campaign, which aims to inform patients that their custom made dental appliance is manufactured in the UK and complies with all the material and professional standards set in the UK to protect patients from receiving illegally manufactured crowns, bridges or dentures.

Since 1994 Dencraft have assembled an award winning team of experienced GDC registered technicians. Each team member has key roles in the manufacturing process of dental appliances which include Crown and Bridge, Implants, Prosthetics and CAD-Design.

We have been a DAMAS accredited Lab Since August 2004, and were awarded the ‘Made in Sheffield Mark’ in 2008. DAMAS has been developed in partnership with: The British Dental Association, The General Dental Practitioners Association, Dental Protection, The Department of Health, AMTAC Certification Services LTD, The British Dental Health Association, The British Dental Trades association and Denplan Ltd.

Three years ago we were looking to bring in new investment and expertise to our existing laboratory and having spent a considerable amount of time researching potential laboratories, we were able to become involved with Dencraft.Dr Neil Millington

Steve, I'd like to thank you for your fantastic work that you've done for me this year. For the cosmetic cases that I have been doing the wax-ups have been beautiful and allowed me to construct great looking prototypes which the patients have loved.Simon Bromley

Hi Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for working your magic. Everything was superb- fit, occlusion, aesthetics. You should have been around during the Renaissance! Thanks again.Sharif Khan